Together with the customers Adival elaborates the handling solution, that is best suited for the product in question. An approved laboratory analyzes the value of the product to be used as feed. The value and suitability of the waste products depend on several factors such as:

  • The value of the product to be used as feed   
  • The costs in handling the products
  • Transportation

​Adival invests in the transportation equipment, and the company / customer takes care of all the steps of the distribution until the products are collected by Adival.

​Collection of the residual products

In the light of what kind of by-products, together with possibilities of collecting and handling in each separate company we will together find the very best solution that considers both sanitary measures, efficiency as well as considerations of space.

Plastic containers

One of our most popular solutions are our plastic containers, that are delivered clean according to the food legislation and therefore ready to be placed directly in the production area, where the waste occurs.

And as soon as you want, or need, the plastic containers emptied, we collect the filled containers, and we replace them with clean and empty containers.

​Containers, Big bags, Octabins etc.

The possibilities are many and the final solution for the collection of your waste products will always be based on the specific need in your company.

When your waste products have arrived at our company in Billund, it will be unpacked, manufactured and repacked, so it is not possible to trace the original package or quantity.

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