Our suppliers

The suppliers of Adival are often from the food stuff industry or a sub-supplier who have leftovers and byproducts from the manufacturing process, which can be collected and recycled as an ingredient into animal feed.

It can also be packed finished goods which of many reasons cannot be used for human consumption. But economically wise it is possible to unpack and recycle it.

Adival collects and re-produces residues from almost every type of dry food stuff such as:

  • Confectionery / Chocolates / Snacks
  • Bread / Cakes / Biscuits
  • Fatty substances / Oil
  • Cream puff    
  • Dried fruit / Nuts / Grains
  • Milk powder
  • Flour and meal / Rice / Pasta
  • Yeast dough / Danish pastry dough
  • Cereals / Muesli / Oatmeal

The remains from the different food areas have in common that they after being produced can be recycled into valuable animal feed, such as the Danish pig production.

Adival is approved as an agent for animal feed by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and has an appropriation for duty-free collection of taxable goods.

​A supplier says:

”For many years we have had a fantastic co-operation with Adival in removing our waste products including taxable goods, because Adival is in possession of the necessary approvals from the Tax authorities. Adival takes care of recycling our waste products to be used for animal feed in a good and correct manor in respect for the executive order of feed.”

”The service of Adival concerning collection and storage has always met all expectations from our customers as well as our own. So we can with pleasure give our recommendation to Adival as your co-operator”.

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