Food producers and farmers

Today Adival markets our food remedies to the feed-industry as well as the farmers. So, if you as a farmer wants to gain greater appetite with your animals, Adival has different types of alternative products to sweeten your feedmix. We have different feed remedies depending on what kind of animals you have.

  • Sows
  • Small pigs
  • Fat pigs
  • Cows
  • Cattles for beef

All products we mix into a supplementary feed, are authorised and controlled products coming from the food industry, where residues and by-products cannot be avoided. Our transportation and production are following governmental rules and regulations under supervision of the Danish authorities.  In December 2015 we were ISO22000 certified which in 2020 were switched into a GMP+ certification.

Our biggest wish is to minimize waste products

​Adival attaches high importance to following daily values:

  • Minimizing the waste of foodstuff as much as possible by re-producing the residues and by-products to be used in the food chain again.
  • Manufacturing high quality feed stuff to optimize the well-being of the animals in the Danish stables.

​In other words, we make it possible for you to feed your animals with a healthy and environmental conscience.


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