About us

Adival saw the light in the year 2000 where Ole Christensen founded the company. But 20 years before Ole started reusing residues from the food industry to animal feed. At first, as an independent farmer collecting for his own production, then later on the business grew and he started up supplying other farmers.   

In the years from 2000 until now Adival has been through a huge development, where the present domicile in Billund was built in 2006. And with the new production halls we had room for our new production facilities, which made it possible to mix the different ingredients into new feed products for the Danish domestic animals.

Adival obtained the status as Gazelle enterprise in the year 2007 as well as year 2008. In 2007 Søren Christensen was employed in Adival. Søren is skilled electrician and that has been a big asset in optimizing and maintaining our production facilities in Billund. We have also optimized the solutions at our suppliers. When Søren joined Adival a smooth business succession began and was finished in 2019.

Today, at Adival, we deliver on an annual basis appr. 16,000 tonnes of feed for the agricultural sector divided into different feed materials produced in Billund together with raw products directly distributed to the farmers.

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our company. It is very important for us, that things end up on the right shelves when they can no longer do any good as originally intended.

That is why we keep on rethinking how the different products we receive shall be reused. in the past, Adival has participated in a project with the Institute of Technology on larvae and insects as the protein source of the future. Here we are helping to find the optimum feed composition, based on residues and waste products. The project is expected to be a breakthrough for future food, although initially based on the production of proteins for animal feed.

The environment is as far as possible considered in the everyday life of Adival. Packaging must be sorted and disposed of in accordance with the rules in force. Our cars are eco-approved Euro VI, and, in the case of new purchases, it is optimised.

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